🀩Emoji Tips. Likes & Dislikes

Earn for high-quality content!

Users’ Reactions to the Content

There are two new ways to showcase your emotional reaction to the post. Firstly, you can Like and Dislike the post. Secondly, you can utilize the Emoji Tips. Let’s dive into the details of these new releases on Sociogram!

Emoji Tips 😍

Emoji Tips is a newly released on Sociogram & unique on-the-market feature. Unlike usual tips and emoji reactions on Web2 social networks, Sociogram combines the benefits of both features. Emoji tips are valuable for users, content creators, and projects. Each user with any funds on the Sociogram Balance can purchase any amount of Emoji Tips and apply them to any post he likes. Using Emoji Tips, you simultaneously show your reaction to the content and tip the creator. 70% of the Tips’ price you paid goes as the reward to the content creator, whose post you rewarded, and 30% goes to the Reward Pool of the same post, making it more popular in the Feed. You can buy any amount of Emoji Tips for each post. The higher amount of Emoji Tips the post has - the more popular and visible it becomes in the feed of all users. Algorithms will promote high-quality content in the Sociogram to engage users and enhance the usage experience. How to use Emoji Tips? There are two ways to set the emoji tip. First, you can click on the emoji button, and second, you can hover your cursor over the Like & Dislike box and you'll see the Emoji Tips menu appear.

Likes and Dislikes ⬆️⬇️

Likes and Dislikes is a newly released content validation system on Sociogram. Each user can put 1 Like/Dislike to each post. You put Like πŸ‘ if you like and would like to see more of such content and Dislike πŸ‘Ž if you dislike and would like it to be less of that kind of post/comment.

The Like and Dislike system on the Sociogram is crucial for showcasing the community's interests and content approval. This content validation process helps improve the overall user experience and the quality of posts in the Sociogram Feed.

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