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What business opportunities do we have for Web3 projects?

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Problems of Web3 projects in growing audience of REAL users

1️⃣ Fabrication of users' activity by bots

When a major portion of activity comes from bots, it misrepresents the actual users' activity, spoils analytics, overload systems and waste resources dedicated to real users engagement. As a result it leads to misinformed decision-making, disengagement of real users, financial and reputation damages.

2️⃣ Blind advertisement among the irrelevant audience

Web3 projects utilising traditional Web2 advertising channels (e.g., Twitter, Telegram, emails, etc.) often reach an irrelevant audience, which is hard to track in DeFi, analyse and, more importantly, convert into real users. This strategy leads to inefficient use of resources, low conversion rate and blurb analytics.

3️⃣ Lack of cross-promo activities

Absence of strategic partnerships and cross-marketing activities with other Web3 projects reduces credibility and trust among potential users. Consequently, these projects cannot grow to their full potential, end up spending more funds on paid promotions, and fail to utilise the power of networking to elevate their projects to a new level.

4️⃣ Fake accounts

Following the X update, which allows anyone to purchase verification, numerous scam projects continue to exploit this opportunity to mislead users.

If you are struggling with these problems, welcome to Sociogram, we have solutions for you:

βœ… Tools for counteracting bots

Currently, we have minimum Total Wallet Balance requirements for certain promo activities (e.g., Reward Posts, Giveaways) to detect bots and inactive crypto users. This measure ensures that only users with a genuine interest in crypto can participate, increasing chances of a real user being rewarded and stimulated to explore new Web3 projects.

πŸ“List of anti-bot measures tools will be expanded in the nearest future.

βœ… Efficient promo tools among your target audience

Our platform has a range of tools (e.g. Reward Posts, Giveaways) for your project that will help to build active community of Web3 users quicker and with efficient distribution of advertising costs. Pay only for real engagement from real crypto users.

βœ… Verify your official account

Fill in a short form to verify your Web3 project and add its name. Our team will contact you regarding the verification process and cross-promo activities.

βœ… Cooperation opportunities

Have a great idea for cooperation? Send your vision about our potential partnership to marketing@sociogram.org and get a chance of becoming a part of our ecosystem! We have full packages of opportunities that will bring more users to your project: joint events, banner places, educative articles/posts about your project, and much more!

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