Host Giveaways in Posts

Launch Giveaways right in the post and boost your community at ease!

Forget about 3rd party services while launching Giveaways. With Sociogram Giveaway feature you can host lucky draws in several clicks right in the post.

How to launch a Giveaway on Sociogram?

  1. Write a post and click the "Create giveaway" button

  1. Customize settings and choose the end date (up to 7 days). Keep in mind, that you need to have USDTs on your Sociogram balance.

  1. Click "Create the Giveaway" and then publish your Giveaway post.

  2. Don’t worry about bots as only users with Total Wallet Balance over $50 (we track ARB, BNB, ETH, Polygon and Optimism) can participate in lucky Giveaways.

  3. Winners will be chosen randomly.

  4. Rewards will be sent on winners' Sociogram balances.

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